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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of investing in gold?

    Gold is highly regarded as an inflation-proof investment and a safe-haven. It never loses its intrinsic value, making it a steady and attractive option even ...

  • What are the factors influencing the price of gold?

    The main factors influencing gold prices include supply (affected by yields, political instability, and new discoveries), demand (mainly from jewelry and technological products), and market ...

  • What are the benefits of gold trading?

    No geographical barriers: Online gold trading allows you to participate from anywhere in the world. Reliable and secure: Online gold trading, with its established mechanisms, ...

  • How can I control my account?

    Your funds are secure in a trading account under your name, giving you total control. You can add or withdraw funds at your convenience, and ...

  • Does anyone else access my account?

    Our traders have access to your account only for trading purposes. They cannot withdraw your funds at any point.

  • How can traders trade on my behalf?

    After registration, an agreement is established, and you provide an LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney) to enable us to trade on your behalf.

  • How is risk managed with my investment?

    Risk management is a priority, and we consult with clients to set a maximum drawdown limit. If the account drops below this limit, trading stops, ...

  • Can I make a profit even when the market shows a downward trend?

    Yes, our experienced traders identify trading opportunities in all market conditions, aiming for profits regardless of market direction.

  • Can the price be manipulated?

    No, the decentralized nature of forex/commodity markets, along with high competition among dealers, prevents price manipulation. Individual investors have minimal impact due to the extensive ...